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Musée national Jean-Jacques Henner

Иль-де-Франс / Франция

The Muséum national Jean-Jacques Henner is an art museum dedicated to the works of painter Jean-Jacques Henner , and located in the 17th arrondissement at 43, avenue de Villiers, Paris, France. The museum in housed within an 1878 mansion, formerly owned by the painter Guillaume Dubufe, acquired by Henner's niece in 1921. It was inaugurated as a museum in 1924, and became a national museum in 1943. Today the museum contains a large collection of paintings and drawings by Alsatian painter Jean-Jacques Henner, including some 1,000 sketches, documents, and souvenirs distributed in seven rooms on four floors of exhibition space. The collection includes more than 130 portraits, as well as mythical themes and figures in dream landscapes that approached Symbolism. Many studies are displayed with finished paintings, together with descriptions by major critics of the day.