World need creativity and Art more than ever.
mUs3Ums virtual tours allow visitor to take self guided 3D virtual museums tour on desktop or mobile devices.

Build your own 3D museum just by choosing which artwork to exhibit.
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Artworks are displayed under fair-use copyright.
Art can inspire us through uncertain times, enjoy exclusive 3D digital experience on mUs3Ums.




Museums is set to disrupt the world of arts with the launch of the first-of-its-kind virtual museum for over 8,000 painters across the globe. The project is unprecedented in the world as the platform brings together the works of such a massive number of artists and painters from different parts of the world, to make mUs3Ums the first ever company to achieve a feat of that magnitude.
Arts have been described by many as a form of expression, allowing creatives to show their perception of different subjects using their paints, brushes, and canvas.
Therefore, the team at mUs3Ums has found a way of bringing art masterpieces from some of the best painters in the world to art lovers without requiring them to leave the comfort of their homes through a 3D virtual museum.

mUs3Ums’ initiative is unlike other virtual museums 3D due to the number of artists and works featured on the platform. The company is offering a brand new and exciting experience by presenting a variety of arts and artists virtually.

The virtual tours will allow visitors to take self-guided 3D virtual museums tours via an internet-enabled computer or smart mobile device.

The museum will feature works from different eras, including Classicism, Byzantine Art, Italian Renaissance, Abstract art, and a host of others. Art lovers will see 88,535 paintings from 3,595 top museums across 1,629 cities.