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Richmond Group

San Francisco / United States

The Richmond Group also known as the Richmond School, is a group of American Impressionist painters who worked in the Richmond, Indiana, area from the late 19th Century through the mid-20th Century. While the Richmond Group had no formal organization, many of the artists were affiliated with, and exhibited at, the Art Association of Richmond, Indiana, now known as the Richmond Art Museum. Though not definitive, the following is a list of artists considered a part of the Richmond Group: George Herbert Baker John Elwood Bundy Francis Focer Brown Charles H. Clawson Albert Clinton Conner Charles Conner Maude Kaufman Eggemeyer W. A. Eyden, Sr. William A. Eyden, Jr. Edgar Forkner Frank J. Girardin Albert W. Gregg William A. Holly Lawrence McConaha Ellwood Morris Alden Mote Anna M. Newman Micajah Thomas Nordyke Fred Pearce, Jr. Fred Pearce, Sr. John Albert Seaford

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